More on Lama

I’ve written about Lama’s horrific case in the last two posts and about the response from the justice ministry and local official human rights organizations. So here’s an update and more information in other formats.

BBC WHYS radio program invited two veteran human rights activists, Aziza Al Yousef and Hatoon Al Fassi to shed light on the case and clarify the assumptions and ambiguities surrounding the Saudi legal (system?). I highly recommend listening to this and compare it to the official government statement. To listen to the recording CLICK HERE.

If you are short on time watch the CNN 3 minute video report, which will bring you up to speed and also has brief input from Aziza Al Yousef. To watch CLICK HERE.


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9 responses to “More on Lama

    • mminka

      It is sad that you feel you must excuse this horror. Such excuses only perpetuate these crimes. Denial enables criminal and psychopathic abuse. Look carefully at this aspect. A full and exhaustive revelation of the painful details is necessary.

    • Well, I am sure you’ll be recruiting a lot of pedophiles from the church to join your da’wa congregation and in the closet repressed men like yourself and the founder of this pathetic Mulla website who loath and hate women because they cannot come out of their closets and hide behind their pathetic fudged, retarded and convoluted Wahhabi cult!

  1. Into the Streets !
    Support the Arab Winter !

  2. kate.

    mminka , where do you see that she is excusing this horror? i dont see it anywhere. I think she is doing the right thing.

  3. Ali

    He’s still in jail and hasn’t been released, the judges are still looking into the case, despite what some media has reported.

    • I don’t think this piece garbage should be allowed to exist and in his case he should be thrown to the lions at a zoo, Roman style for the crime he committed.

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