The Shura Council and Flirting in Saudi Arabia

To listen to an ABC Australia radio interview I took part in on the above topic with Anthony Bubalo, Director of the West Asia Program at the Lowy Institute For International Policy,  CLICK HERE. The interview was broadcast today, is about 13 minutes long and I come in at minute 4:30.


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6 responses to “The Shura Council and Flirting in Saudi Arabia

  1. roxana aguilera

    vivan las mujeres q enfrentan a los extremistas religioso!!!!!
    viva el derecho a ellas defenderse de ignorantes q nacieron y tuvieron hijos
    con mujeres . despues se quejan q los occidentales discriminan!!!
    no,sr ,,solo defendemos derecho para la mujer en igualdad de condiciones.
    Que fanaticos ,despues q usan y disfrutan de lo q consideran pecado en la mujer. Mente llena de complejos ,solo consiguen dominio y sometmiento no por virtud y talento ,sino amparado por falta de leyes de proteccion a mujeres y ninos. Todos esos q llaman de escoria a las mujeres ,los quiero ver en un local solo con una de esas bravas mujeres,a ver si tienen ese corajen para alzar ese brazo COBARDE.
    En cuba no aceptamos esas actitudes cobardes.HP

  2. roxana aguilera

    Tuve acceso a la entrevista por radio ,pero como es en inglés no entendí
    Podrá algún comentarista de este blogg escribirla aquí????
    Viva la libertad de opción ,la sharia no se debe impor ,quien actúa por la fuerza es pq NO TIENE RAZÓN NI ARGUMENTO.
    Yo no aprueba las relaciones de camaradería de cuba con IRÁN,país donde
    La mujer sigue obligada a cubrirse el pelo,se niega libertades íntimas,individuales cosa ultrapasada en cuba. y esto no cambia ni retira solidaridad
    con Palestina . Es intolerante gob la sociedad civil por CLÉRIGOS extremistas
    Q lo q están es falta de un “bollo “cubano,je,je se les quitara esa hipocresía.
    Fuerza saudies democraticos .

  3. If this is not emphatic strengthening and sanctioning of segregation, genderization and solidification of man’s supremacy over women under the pretext of progress then what is it?

    This article ––details the ludicrous and psychosis of the state of affairs as they relate to women in a country of perpetual relapses.

    Shariah law has outlived its need and credibility. It must be replaced by a codified rule of law that does not consider and treat women, half of society, as sub-citizens or is it subhuman.

    • Is the Bourgeois Modernist, gentrifying exploitation of Pope Benedict XVI resignation, and similar efforts aimed at Islamic Fundamentalism, only a Coincidence ? Must we really Reinvent Mankind, in order to secure Equal Opportunity to the Leisure Class ? The World is full of Inequity and Injustice; What makes “Saudi Woman” think her Global Community Proprietors and Land Lords will be any different. It is not only the Party Elitist and the Clergy, but rather The People themselves, who have yet to reach a level of Social Awareness and Responsibly necessary to effect bona fide Change. Justice for Abused Children, and the Underdevelopment of Women`s Roles in Society is paramount; But the Destruction of National Culture and Heritage for the sake of Materialist Sensual Gratification, is a Fraud in the Broad Light of Day !

  4. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

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