Adopt Skylar


 My sister rescued this male dog from abusive kids in the street. His name is Skylar, and he is highly intelligent and has a great sense of humor. He is friendly, playful, and fiercly loyal . Skylar is vaccinated and we had him checked out completely and the blood test came out perfectly healthy. All he needs is a loving home. If you are serious about adopting him please send an Email with your details and contact info to


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5 responses to “Adopt Skylar

  1. you should contact with the admin

  2. Reblogged this on Jean Sasson and commented:
    Hope someone has this sweet doggie by now! IF NOT, please take a look if you are living in Saudi Arabia. He has such an intelligent and friendly look!

  3. I hope Skylar has found a loving home by now.

  4. May Skylar have a nice place to live now, and stay happy!!


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