They got each other’s back.

The Commision for Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue, (PVPV), has done it again. On Thursday in Ha’il, a region North West of Riyadh, a PVPV member was scouting this very conservative area for vice to prevent. He saw a woman shopping with a man and felt that her eyes (the only part of her that was showing) were too seductive and starting shouting orders at her to cover her eyes. According to her husband, he says that he heard this muttawa behind him shouting and paid him no mind until he realized that the PVPV member was addressing his wife. He turned around and told him to mind his own business. Then insults were exchanged until the PVPV member pulled out a knife and slashed the husband’s arm and stabbed him in the back, puncturing his lungs. So far, so terrible but we could at least say that this PVPV member would be rejected and held at arms length by the commission. First day the report came out, the spokesperson, sheikh Mutlaq Al Nabit claimed that they still don’t have the details of what happened except that there was an attack on the PVPV and that was followed by an altercation and the PVPV member has not admitted that he had stabbed the citizen. The next day another report came out from the same spokesperson, Shiekh Al Nabit claiming that PVPV members have every right to order women to cover their eyes if they are seductive, seditious and could push a man to sin. He also denied that the commission gave permission to the PVPV member to get into a fight and carry a weapon and claimed that all PVPV members are responsible and deserving of trust.


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43 responses to “They got each other’s back.

  1. SmurfBurkan

    Seductive? Really? Maybe the PVPV-man should lower his gaze a bit more and spy on other people a bit less…

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  3. !!
    can’t believe this !! stabbing! and they didn’t even seem apologetic!
    the sad thing that many of the comments with the original article are supportive of PVPV!

  4. Saudi~LIBER~ALI

    “3 Cancel the PVPV and the islamic universities.”

  5. OMG – I just have no words for this… it makes me so sad that they are allowed to get away with behavior like this.

  6. Nadia AL Arifi

    Well, weak women permit violence. A woman does not need a man to defend her (husband, brother,son). She can stand up for violence done against her, only when she enables herself. Removing the ‘niqab’ which covers her face except for the eyes should be totally removed.Only then, she can have identity and have a say and can use her senses sharply. She can hear, speak up and can even stare at anyone who dares to treat her as inhuman.

    • imagine what will happen if a woman decided to remove the niqab in such an environment?!
      i mean.. her husband defended her, and he got stabbed! twice! and some people felt he was wrong in defending his wife, and deserved what happened to him!
      if a woman dared to do such thing..they will burn her in a stick! and not only that! with people with this mentality.. u will have a crowd cheering!

  7. Doesn”t the instruction “lower your gaze”, apply to men and women?, as far as I know it does! This lady was dressed decently and with her husband how close the muttower must of been looking at her to notice her eyes. (Harram) As usual this will go unpunished 😦

    • SmurfBurkan

      Yeah, usually when you actually notice a woman’s “seductive eyes” you must have stared right into her eyes… Maybe it was the PVPV-man’s own bad conscience who made him stab the husband so not to embarrass himself…


    I laugh when some men have so many problems with women. The problem is not in women´s body, but in certain men´s mindand eyes.

  9. Umm Zacharia

    Subhanallah!!!!! un-flippin-believable!!!! The more I read about junk like this the more I’m afraid to come to KSA. I know there is good and bad in everyplace however, there is no sense of security. If anything were to go wrong in the most holiest place of Islam…….the deen of peace, things could go absolutely horrific. What a shame……..Nice example of Islam.

  10. Many years ago John Lennon wrote a song about the oppression of women. Can you guess which one it was?
    Until the women unite and reject the oppressors this will continue.
    We need to evolve and let the men follow our lead.

  11. Alexandra

    No big surprise to me at all. All countries with the fundamentalist regimes such as USSR between 1917-1953 (the atheistic fundamentalism) or Germany between 1933-1945 (the nationalist fundamentalism) had their muttawa in the form of NKVD or SS. They were always protected by the regime they served no matter what crimes they committed. In your country you have your own version of the above-listed notorious teams. Thanks God, they haven’t gained the upper hand over the rest of the world so far. Anyway, you must somehow protect your lives when you are in the street. For a start, even a pepper spray will do.

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  13. Marcos

    It seems that Saudia Arabia is a nation divided between religious nut-cases or enslaved-cowards who won’t demand their god-given human rights.

    The woman should have helped to defend her husband from these lecherous, self-appointed, sex-on-the-brain, religious maniacs. She should always carry a weapon such as pepper spray or a stick to fend off such crazies. If a few women beat the hell out of these nut-jobs they might think twice.

    The husband should sue the Haia and make this crime very, very internationally public.

  14. The mutawwa’în are rabid persons who do a huge disservice to the reputation of Saudi Arabia. I hope this one is caught and locked away as he is clearly a danger to society.

    I have a nurse friend who worked in several hospitals in the KSA and she said that frequently they received poor migrant women who had been lashed by these thugs for not being completely covered.

  15. Denys

    Religion of this country does not correct.Maybe no longer country where patriarchy ruled complete as in Saudi Arabia.Is it inhumane that people can cripple other people for a trifle («seductive» eyes)?

    • Kate

      Every religion of every country is it’s own religion. On the other hand, we can’t duccuss it because we have another religion. But on the other hand I understand that these muttawa boys are dislocated on their rules. They are like wolfs that see poor sheep and try to find even one reason to eat it.
      In addition I can recommend muttawa boys to invent a special device which can measure the eyes seductiveness. Than maybe people will understand and will obey them. And now I am thinking what else they can measure by this device????

    • Monica

      For Denys: I don’t think this is a religious problem. This is a problem of mentality and culture. The positive factor it’s there are many people from Saudi and from the whole world are talking about this and are debating about the PVPV’s action and rule. The negative factor is it’s necessary a lot of decades to change things. Too many decades.

  16. Sorry Saudi woman, but you wrote this down the wrong way. After I have read your links it is clear it went like this:

    While shopping in Hail a flirtatious abandoned woman attacked a virtuous and trustworthy muttawa with her scandalously attractive and sexually arousing eyes. Quite righteously upset the honest muttawa then proceeded to give her and her inattentive husband some well meaning, friendly advice.
    Not only did the hussy refuse to act on his honest advice, the man started insulting him with inappropriate comments that he should mind his own business. Very unfair as the harassment of innocent women is his business, especially when they are out to seduce innocent men. Using their sexually arousing eyes.

    The only responsible action open to the trustworthy Muttawa was therefore to attack the unarmed aggressor and after injuring him to follow up by an attack from the back, which is safer as attacking an unarmed man face to face. After all, he might hit back with his fists, especially as this man had already shown his aggressiveness and unwillingness to cooperate with the righteous request of an honest Muttawa.

    Hopefully this irresponsible couple will be properly punished. The flirtatious hussy kept refusing covering her fitnah causing eyes. And the unwarranted attack by the man on the innocent, trustworthy muttawa has caused great unease in the honest circles of Muttawas all over Saudi Arabia. More protection for the Muttawa is needed!

    • Me

      I am used to read this blog and very interested. But I am still surprised by the version of the story in the comment : it sounds like comedy.
      This story sounds so funny when told this way ! The poor and honest muttawa felt oppressed by the woman scandalously attractive and sexually arousing eyes…

  17. They’ve really overdone themselves this time.
    Funny I was just ranting on my blog about how the muttawa have become worse lately when I noticed this. maybe its true and they have some kind of ongoing campaign now!
    I hope the haia member gets charged for attempted murder..lashings jail sentence and all. And his name and picture posted in newspapers worldwide.
    When will the madness end..

  18. robson

    نا برازيليّة رجل و [نسدو] في الأرض من [رونلدينهو] [غوش] الذي يكون لاعب من الإنتخاب برازيليّة كرة قدم. أنا ببساطة كنت [إكسوكدو] بما أنّ النساء في والده يكون عاملت. هنا في برازيل النساء حرّة أن يجعل ماذا إلى [قويزرم] من حيواته, ونحن رجال يساندهم في كلّ شيء مع كثير إحترام. أيضا في كثير منازل يقودهم النساء الذي يكون أنت في منازله. حقّا حيث أنا أن يكون يمكن أن يساعد هو يكون بانفراد أن يكتب لبريد إلكترونيّي رغم أنّ أنا أن يكون من آخر والد, غير أنّ ماذا هو سيكون إلى إستطاعتي بانفراد أن يتكلّم إلى ي لما هذا يتلقّى أنّ أن يتحرّك. يتلقّى النساء أنّ أن يكون حرّة في [ألّ ث] أجزاء من العالم. [أسّ.] [.روبسن]

    • Saudi~LIBER~ALI

      Greetings Robson, are you using google translate? Whatever it is it’s not good, let me tell what I understood from your post..

      Women in Brazil are free and men support them in everything with alot of respect.

      You also said something about football players and emails.

      That’s about everything.

  19. Athoug

    I can’t even believe that this made sense to Shiekh Al Nabit. Even if the PVPV member didn’t commit the crime, how is the act of shouting at a woman to cover her EYES justifiable? I’m sorry but what religion are they following because surely it is not Islam.


    That s the downside of hiring criminals to guard what is purported to be religion but is actually a working system for men to keep women subjugated.

  21. Arabian Princess

    Very True ( The Holy Sinner) I agree with u….

  22. do they check what their women is wearing under the Abaya,… FUCK THOSE PERVERTS,

  23. techani

    I wish…. like, really wish that the “saudi woman” and others not to take one source of the story. This is if you want the truth.
    If you hate PVPV, however, and want to believe me right now when I say anything about them, then enjoy cursing. Hatred is not healthy, but it’s your choice.

  24. techani

    to Arabic speakers, a topic about bias regarding this subject:
    لمن يريد الحقيقة، وليس التشفي والشتيمة، هذا الموضوع:

    السكين الذي طعن الموضوعية ! – (عن حادث الهيئة الأخير)

  25. Ali

    Yes, the source of the news and the reality of the incident has to be considered before a curse can be uttered or a verdict given. If the Ministry of Interior found this to be true and this man was indeed from the PVPV, he will not be seen for years to come.
    I do not think the PVPV should be blamed for the act of a psycho agent. Such things DO happen. For one, why was he alone and escorted by a police officer? I doubt that he was an employee of the Hai’a.
    Secondly, HAIL.. what does the Governor of Hail have to say or do about this? A full , conclusive report made after a complete investigation is what will be needed to do justice here. Even if he was a police officer and he stabbed a citizen, the Police would be looking for him right now.
    ” Cover your eyes”…lol.. indeed.

  26. DSMer

    Further proves KSA is the Kingdom of the Stupid and Arrogant

  27. I have always wondered where this wired behavior of Alshebab came from until I have seen your blog did my suspicions came true. This boys were trained in this new islamization of Saudi Universities through those indoctrination scholarship programs whose nightmares haunts us today!

    I am very disappointed at this unethical behavior. This people are criminals! The whole PVPV thing should be disbanded!

  28. wolfpack


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  30. Chris

    Men to Women: Love & Care.
    Women to Men:Love & Respect.
    Saudi girls r Intelectual and beautifull.
    (Give Respect & Take Respect)

  31. It seems something similar has happened again- and again in Ha’il. Do you have a follow up for this? Was the first CPVPV member pupished? Or does it now seem it’s now official that the Hai’a can carry knives against the population?

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