Saudi activists criticize new counter-terror law

By Abdulla Jaber criticizes the five years prison sentence for using the Rab'a logo

By Abdulla Jaber criticizes the five years prison sentence for using the Rab’a logo

Saudi Arabia’s new counterterrorism law went into effect on Feb. 1. The law’s definition of terrorism among other things includes “acts that harm the reputation of the state or its standing.” A couple of days later, on Feb. 3, a royal decree was issued by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz in which not only people who fight abroad in Syria and Iraq would be criminally penalized, but also any person who publicly endorses or sympathizes with a group or trend that Saudi authorities deem as extremist.

According to the new law, people can be held for as long as a year without charge pending an investigation. The law and decree do not mean any real change from current practices, but more of a legal blanket for them. For example, blogger Fadhil al-Manasif is being prosecuted under the same charges covered by the new law. Evidence used against Manasif include him writing on a napkin: “Amid the turmoil surrounding us we have to look for points of convergence and find words of unity for the sake of our country and its security. Calls for development, change and reform are charged with incitement and people are imprisoned for it. But with patience they will be an option that cannot be avoided.” This note was considered as proof that Manasif had gone against the government, disturbed public order, undermined society security and state stability and incited sectarianism. TO READ ON CLICK HERE.


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  1. Maxwell Ryder

    In light if the new laws, maybe it is wise to lay off the blogging?

  2. Saudi Women’s Lives are Expendable
    CDHR Commentary: The loss of women’s lives due to misogynistic state policies is an unspeakable crime that should never happen in the 21st or any century. The tragic death of a university student, Amna Bawazeer, on February 6, 2014 in the Saudi capital was a direct result of the state’s demonization of women and repeats a pattern of women’s expendability. There are many examples of the rape, torture and murder of Saudi females. In February 2013, a Saudi cleric, Fayan Al-Ghamdi, suspected his 5-year old daughter of having sexual urges. He tortured her, raped her and then murdered her. He got away with it until social media users and bloggers like Eman Al-Nafjan exposed his repulsive crime. In 2002, 15 innocent school girls were incinerated alive because they were prevented by the government’s religious police from escaping their burning school because they were not covered from head to toe. None of those responsible for the young girls’ deaths was ever tried for their heinous crime.
    In July 2009, a brother gunned down his 19 and 21 year old sisters after the religious police arrested them and placed them in a women’s shelter. The sisters were accused of being seen talking to unrelated males on a thoroughfare in the middle of the day. When their father was called to take his daughters home, his son followed him and shot his sisters as they were leaving the shelter. His father forgave him on the spot for protecting the family’s honor.
    In 2007, a 19 year old newlywed woman, Bint Al-Qatif (girl of Qatif) , was spotted sitting in a car with a high school classmate whom she met to retrieve a photo before he used it to blackmail her. They were approached by seven men, taken out of their car and ganged-raped by the men. She was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 200 lashes in a public square because she was accused of indecent conduct. It took a pardon from the king to spare her this additional dehumanizing punishment.
    King Abdullah recently ratified a sweeping law whose intent is ostensibly to deter and punish terrorists and those who criticize the government and its institutions or tarnish the state’s reputation and security. The questions millions of Saudis and others would like to ask are, what constitutes defaming the state’s reputation and its institutions: Is it publicizing and politicizing the institutionalized justification for the murder, rape and torture of women or is it the public criticism of rampant corruption, lack of accountability, demands for a constitutional monarchy, social justice and freedom of expression? Who are the terrorists: those who murder and rape innocent women, the state’s institutions that empower murderers and rapists or those who practice freedom of expression?

  3. frances

    It is inconceivable for an American that Manisif’s words could be deemed detrimental towards a country. In our viewpoint, those words would be considered extremely patriotic and perfecting aligned to our expectations that we solve our problems through continuous improvement (change).
    Frances in Austin, Texas

  4. Frances,
    In Saudi Arabia, patriotism means total submission to the ruling elites, not to the nation and the wellbeing of its citizens and residents.

    The following analysis (link below) may be of interest to you and other readers. Ali

  5. Brad

    “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” But your part of the world is in perpetual war. The sooner women are involved the sooner there will be some common sense approaches. No mother wants to see their children die.

  6. That’s why they insist that Shariah law must remain the law of the land because non-sectarian codified rule of law denies women haters the final say in all aspects related to women, including their lives as exemplified by the destruction of Amna Bawazeer’s life last week.

  7. The Government talks like Rich Men; Praising God and Beauty, for all its worth.
    But this is all The People of Arabia can ever expect from these Magnanimous Ruminants, Tyranny and Oppression !

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    Youu need to understand each other. While few women woulld like to be like the cold and calculating lawyers
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    Are People Aware of Separation Agreements? Lack of empathy
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    At this point, it is suggested that what type of legal services you need, that will
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    This post outlines why you should not geet a divorce rather than being any
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    Uncontested divorce Uncontested divorce is a less adversarial approach to divorce.

    Michael and Juanita Jordan – $168million The most expensive celebrity divorce in history.
    If, during the separation period, the couple decides to divorce, they
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